Our Roots

For decades, my family has farmed, crafted, and supplied high quality pearl jewelries to luxury jewelry retailers locally throughout China. Relying on proven experience and a dedicated, picky eye for quality, our name has become synonymous with finest pearl quality, superior craftsmanship and vast selection of designs. Today, that tradition is carried online through Annie Case to the world market.

Our Strengths

Finest quality: At Annie Case, we do not just offer any pearls; we offer the finest saltwater pearls so that the luster can match your individual glow. Jewelries we offer are the ones you would only see in high end brand name jewelry stores or high jewelry shows. Only the top 5% of the total harvest is chosen to be set on our jewelries.

So much of the pearl jewelry we see in advertisements come from mass-produced sources and often does not match the quality shown in advertising images. To differ from those over photoshoped images other online store use, we take separate photograph for each piece of jewelry to present its actual quality even for jewelries that are in same design. We promise: what you see in product photo is what you are receiving.

Vast selection of designs updated on DAILY basis: Some might think pearl is old fashion, at Annie Case we believe that pearl is timeless elegance that will never go out of style. We carry thousands of unique jewelry designs and are restlessly creating new designs to present pearls in contemporary yet classic ways. New styles come out almost daily to compliment true pearl lovers. Please do visit us often to check out our vast range of styles, settings and designer pieces. We promise you joyful surprises each time you visit us.

Superior craftsmanship: With over 3 decades in pearl business, our experienced artisans located in mainland China , Hongkong and Japan are proud to make each piece of our jewelry heirloom-worthy with superior craftsmanship.

Lowest price: Unlike other retailers who have to source pearls in the other half of the globe and then add back folds of markups to you, we are able to ship you directly from the pearl farms so that you can own the finest pearls at the lowest possible prices. For the past decades, our family business had harvested and procured from pearl farms in Japan, Australia, Philippines, Tahiti and Indonesia. With our strong business relationships built over the past decades with them, we are offered exclusive prices and quality which you would not see at other jewelers.

Our Commitment

As a family who live on pearl business, we are thankful and respectful to what are given by life and nature. Therefore we only use sustainably grown pearls and conflict free gems for all of our jewelries.

Every woman deserves the experience and luxury of owning a set of fine pearls. Now you can do just that with Annie Case at a fraction of the cost of brand name jewelry stores. Welcome to timeless elegance, and welcome to my family. Quality pearls, superior craftsmanship, lowest price and vast range of designs. That’s what Annie Case proudly offers to you. We look forward to being your trusted jeweler for many years to come.


— Annie Peng, Founder of Annie Case