Pearl Care

Pearls are organic gemstones, which are easily corroded by acids or other chemicals. In order to keep the luster and color of pearl from being affected, please avoid contacting pearls with acids, alkalis and cosmetics, such as perfume, soap, hair spray, shower gel, nail polish and skin care products. Do not wear pearl jewelry when swimming or bathing. It is recommended to wear your favorite pearl jewelry after make-up.

Pearl jewelry should also avoid contact with colored liquid to avoid being dyed with colors.

Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe away sweat and stains after wearing, to prevent sweat containing acidic ingredients from damaging the luster of pearls. Do not clean your pearls with water. Water can enter the small hole of the bead, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but also may ferment inside

As pearls contain a certain amount of water, they should be placed in a cool place. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun or in a too dry place to avoid dehydration and yellowing of pearls.

As organic gemstones, Pearls need fresh air, do not seal your pearls in plastic bags. They should be taken out and worn every few months to let them breathe. And not to put in a safe for very long time.